International Conference

International Conference

9:30 Arrival, Registration

10:00 Opening Ceremony, Prayer.

Volodymyr Bazarko, World Head of Plast
Dmytro Kolesnyk, Chief Executive of  Plast in Ukraine

10:10 Guests greetings

11:00 Session 1: Plast History

(moderator: Andriy Rebryk, A Head of Plast Development in Europe)

  • Dr. Orest Subtelny, Professor of History, York University
  • Yuriy Leskiv, Editor-in-Chief of the “Almanac of the 100th Anniversary of Plast”

Questions and discussion

12:00 Session 2: Plast and Society

(moderator: Lev Zakharchyshyn, Head of the Plast Council in Ukraine, 1999-2002)

  • Dr Ihor Yukhnovskyy, Academician of the National Academy of Sciencesof Ukraine, People’s Deputy of Ukraine
  • Dr Bohdan Havrylyshyn, Head of the Plast Board in Ukraine, member of the Baden Powel Fellowship

Questions and discussion

13:00 Press-conference, lunch

14:30 Presentation of New Plast Publications – Olha Svidzynska, Director of the Museum & Archives of Plast

15:00 Session 3: Plastun’s Main Obligations

(moderator: Zoreslava Havrysh, Head of the National Board of Scouts, 2002-2005)

  • Rev. Dr.Borys Gudziak, Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University
  • YaroslavYurchyshyn, Head of the National Board of Scouts

Questions and discussion

15:45 Break

16:00 Movieopening: “100 Years of Plast” Introduction by Tetiana Dzhulynska, Head of the World Board of Plast

16:30 Session 4: The Future of Plast

(moderator: Dr Roman Hryciw, Head of 5th World Plast Congress)

  • MykolaMuzala, Co-head of National Plast Council in Ukraine
  • Diana Yurchuk, the Head of Board of Scouts
  • Chief Scout of Plast – Dr Lubomyr Romankiv

Questions and discussion

18:30 Closing Ceremony